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Created in 1988, the CEHR - Centre of Religious History Studies is a research and training unit of the Catholic University of Portugal that focuses specifically on the field of religious history [+]


Evaluation of the CEHR
In the framework of the evaluation performed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) on the different national R&D Units, the Centro de Estudos de História Religiosa (CEHR) obtained a «Weak» as a proposal of classification from the International Panel, in June 2019. In the legal phase of Preliminary Hearing, CEHR’s Board sent to the FCT its reflection on that classification, requesting its revision.
This is the official position of CEHR that you can now consult here, in the English version and in Portuguese version, the evaluation report also being available for consultation.
You can also consult the Evaluation Rules [in Portuguese], the Evaluation Guide and the Evaluation Reports on all the evaluated History and Archaeology R&D Units.





"Prémio Árvore da Vida - Padre Manuel Antunes 2019" awarded to Professor José Mattoso
The work of the CEHR was mentioned by Professor José Mattoso in his address at the award cerimony of the "Prémio Árvore da Vida - Padre Manuel Antunes 2019", attributed by the Secretariado Nacional da Pastoral da Cultura da Conferência Episcopal Portuguesa, within the framework of the renewal of the History of the Church in Portugal. The CEHR's Direction publicly congratulates the honoree.
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