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CEHR is directly responsible for the following institutional research dynamics: the edition of Lusitania Sacra, a peer-reviewed journal specialized in religious history, with international circulation and referenced in several databases, namely Scopus; the print and digital edition of two editorial collections: Estudos de História Religiosa and História Religiosa: Fontes e Subsídios; the on-line edition of the collection Instrumentos de Descrição Documental; the maintenance of the Portal de História Religiosa which includes a Platform of Archives (PAPIR) both in open access. This set of instruments seeks to attain a double objective: to provide the means to spread the work and disseminate the knowledge produced by CEHR´s researchers; and, in a wider scale, to contribute to potentiate and define the research developed in the religious history field in Portugal, with particular attention to its inscription in the international historiographic debates.

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For more details about the publications of the CEHR, in Portuguese, please check the links below:

Revista Lusitania Sacra
Estudos de História Religiosa (coleção)
Estudos de História Religiosa (coleção) Instrumentos de Descrição Documental [Coleção] Outras Publicações

Lusitania Sacra

Estudos de História Religiosa

História Religiosa - Fontes
e Subsídios [collection]

Instrumentos de Descrição
Documental [Collection]

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