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CITER - Research Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

Knowledge in the field of religion, and its varied phenomena, traditions and grammars, is an essential instrument for discovering ways of understanding our world and contemporary culture, taking into consideration that unending change requires a constant redefinition of how we view individuals and their social and cultural evolution. In this light, CITER was created in 2017 and promotes theology and religious studies by means of a multi- and interdisciplinary approach, seeking to describe religious realities in modern societies, while ensuring that both academic fields remain methodologically independent. By endeavouring to build a bridge between science and society and to promote free and open access to scientific knowledge, CITER encourages public debate of today's core social and cultural issues and the fundamental elements of Western spirituality.



Lecture of Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Graf (University of Munich):
"Theology and its Relationship with Religious Studies: boundaries, assimilations, incursions" (18.10.2017)

Sala de Exposições | 15h00
Although it is largely acknowledged by most academics that there is a clear distinction between theology and religious studies, the relationship between these two disciplines is a complex one. While theology is commonly thinking about religion from an internal perspective, religious studies seeks to study the cultural effects of belief and religious behaviour from outside. Starting with a brief overview about the history and origins of religious studies, the principal aim of this lecture is a systematic reflection on contemporary questions in what different ways our knowledge in relation to religion can be shaped.

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A lecture of Bassam Tibi about „The politicization of religion of Islam to an Islamism"
Sala de Exposições | 11h00

Some observers contend that Islamism is a western notion imposed on Muslims in a western attitude of islamophobia. This is wrong. In reality it is a fact that the notion Islamism (al-islamyyia) was first coined by the founder of the first Islamist movement in history, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna. His definition of Islamism (din wa daula) as a doctrine of the unity of a state order based on Shari'a and religious belief. The notion of Islamism pertains to the politicization of Islam in a pursuit to move it from spirituality and religious belief to politics. This happens in an effort at returning religion to state politics paired with the claim to establish an Islamic Sharia state.


The new book "Fátima, uma aproximação" by João Manuel Duque is launched in Brazil (04.07.2017)

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CITER participates at the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION 2017- EX NIHILO: A "Zero Conference"  (18.-22.06.2017)

CITER participates at the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION 2017- EX NIHILO: A "Zero Conference" in Bolonha.

The EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION is a exchange platform open to Academies and Scientific Societies, Research Centers and Institutions, University Labs and Clusters, and qualified Journals, Scientific Publishers and Media. 

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Prof. João Manuel Duque's new book Fátima, uma aproximação was recently issued by the Publishing House Paulinas (05.06.2017) 

For more information see Fátima, uma aproximação.



José Tolentino Mendoça's last book Pequena Teologia da Lentidão in a Spanish and Catalan translation (06.06.2017)

The publishing house "Fragmenta Editorial" has just published José Tolentino Mendoça's last book Pequena Teologia da Lentidão in a Spanish and Catalan translation. The book is an excellent contribution to think about a new anthropological grammar, which establishes a creative axis between the perennial questions and the phenomenology of everyday life.

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Open Research Seminar with the participation of Leonor Xavier, João Tordo, Pedro Mexia and José Tolentino Mendonça

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Lecture Prof. Friedrich Wilhelm Graf
18.10.2017 | 15h00
Sala de Exposições

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Prof. Bassam Tibi (University of Göttingen)
19.10.2017 | 11h00
Sala de Exposições

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Ernest Götsch apresentará a sua pesquisa
à comunidade científica e grupos sociais
no próximo dia 4 de outubro, pelas 18h00,
no Auditório Cardeal Medeiros.


Open Research Seminar (30.05.2017)


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