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  • (22.01.2019) Some short impressions from CITER's last scientific board...
    To see the gallery, click on the picture below...  

  • (22.01.2019) «Fourth German Lesson of Religious Studies»
    On 22.01.2019, the fourth German Lesson in Religious Studies took place, entitled «Science of Religion and Theology in the Academy - Conflicts and Possible Solutions» and presented by Professor Jens Schlieter (University of Bern). Main point of Professor Schlieter's talk was the dialogue between these two scientific fields that characterize the principles of CITER. Almost all of CITER's full member, as well as professors from other Faculties of the UCP and a general audience, were present. Also present was the President of the Association of Saint Bartholomew of the Germans in Lisbon (Dr Constantin Ostermann von Roth) who is sponsoring these German Lessons of Religious Studies. To see the gallery, click on the picture below...



  • (12.12.2018)«Debate about most recent book of Karl Josef Kuschel» 
    On 12.12.2018, CITER promoted a debate on «literature as a challenge to Christian faith». The starting point for this initiative, which took place at the UCP bookshop, was the recently published book 'Talvez Deus escute alguns poetas', by Karl-Josef Kuschel, one of the main German theologians. Participants of the debate were António Feijó, Peter Hanenberg and Alexandre Palma. To see the gallery, click on the picture below...

  • (08.11.2018) «International round table "Religion in times of international crisis"»
    Together with the Goethe-Institut in Lisbon, CITER organized a public debate entitled «Religion in times of international crisis». Participants were the Catholic priest, university professor and Portuguese essayist Anselmo Borges, the Islamic scholar born in Afghanistan and living in Germany Ahmad Milad Karimi, and the Rabbi of the Israeli Community Lisbon, Natan Peres. The moderation was in charge of Steffen Dix, specialist in Religious Studies. To see the gallery, click on the picture below... 

  • (21.09.2018) Some short impressions from CITER's last scientific board... To see the gallery, click on the picture below...

  • (26.06.2018) «Book launch "Faust - a symbol of modern man?"»
    In co-organization with CITER, a new critical edition of de Fernando Pessoa's poems Fausto was presented at the Auditorium of the Goethe-Institut. The book launch included also a theatrical reading of several texts of Pessoa's and Goethe's Faust. Following this theatrical reading Carlos Pittella, editor of the fragments of Pessoa's Fausto and João Barrento, translator of Goethe's Faust, were talking about the actuality, similarities and differences of tragic play Faust. Steffen Dix and Jerónimo Pizarro moderated the conversation. The event was a collaboration between CITER, the Centre for Theatre Studies, and the publisher Tinta-da-China, and supported by the São Bartolomeu Association of Germans in Lisbon. To see the gallery, please click the picture below...

  • (22.05.2018) Symposium «The centenary of Fátima: a moment of plural hermeneutics»
    On 22.05.2018, a symposium entitled «The centenary of Fátima: a moment of plural hermeneutics» took place at the UCP with the main objective of developing a critical review of the complete bibliography (books and special issues) about the apparitions or the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima published or reissued between 2015 and 2017. This bibliography includes all literary genres (such as children's books, novels, testimonies, comics) and scientific publications from various areas (namely cultural, political, social and historical sciences, religious studies and theology). To see some impressions, please click the picture below...

  • (13.04.2018) Open Lecture «Rethinking Humanism» with Enzo Bianchi e Massimo Cacciari
    In partnership with the Italian Institute of Culture, CITER organized the first «Italian Lessons on the Studies of Religion» with a dialogue between the theologian Enzo Bianchi and the philosopher Massimo Cacciari, and with moderation of José Tolentino Mendonça.


  • (19.10.2017) International round table «Why Religion?»
    On occasion of 500 Years of Protestant Reformation in Europe, and in collaboration with the German Goethe-Institut and the German Embassy, CITER organized a panel discussion entitled «Why Religion?» with the sociologist Bassam Tibi, the theologian Friedrich Wilhelm Graf and the anthropologist Alfredo Teixeira. Steffen Dix was in charge of moderation.

  • (08-2017) CITER in Brazil
    José Tolentino Mendonça, José Pedro Angélico and Alexandre Palma, full members of CITER, visited similar research centers in several Brazilian universities (PUC-RJ; FAJE - Belo Horizonte; PUC-Minas; Unicap-Recife) and presented papers related to their own research works. On this occasion, CITER signed a cooperation protocol with three units of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - PUC-RJ (Department of Theology; iiLer - Unesco Chair of Reading; Carlo Maria Martini Chair) in order to develop joint research projects on the project «theo-literary».

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