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Funding Opportunities

  • Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
    The Core Fulbright Scholar Program offers nearly 470 teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries. Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators as well as for professionals, artists, journalists, scientists, lawyers, independent scholars and many others. In addition to several new program models designed to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals, Fulbright is offering more opportunities for flexible, multi-country grants. For more information in Portuguese, see here...
  • Fullbright Schuman Program
    «The Fulbright-Schuman Program, administered by the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America, Belgium and Luxembourg, is jointly financed by the U.S. State Department and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. It offers approximately 10-15 scholarships for study, research, and lecturing in the United States. Grants are open to all academic fields of study, but must relate to U.S.-EU relations or EU affairs. Other eligibility requirements are listed below.
    Grants for EU Citizens to the United States
    Grants for Post-Doctoral Research and Lecturing (‘scholars')
    Grants for (Pre) Doctoral Research (‘students')
    Grants for International Educators
    Both student and scholar applicants may apply to the Fulbright Schuman Innovation Grants, a series of grants that support research at the intersection of technology and policy. Applications that fit the description of the Innovation Grants will automatically be considered during the current application cycle; no separate application is necessary.
  • Gulbenkian Research Projects
    Portuguese Language and Culture
    Open for applications: 1 January 2018 - 30 November 2018

    Call for applications to support original research projects in the fields of advanced studies regarding Portuguese Language and Culture, intended to encourage innovation, experimentation, and the development of new work technology with potential to be systematically replicated.
    Specific areas:
    Linguistics, Philology and Didactics.
    History, Art Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Cultural Studies.
    Public and private institutions of higher education, research centres and other similar entities, both Portuguese and foreign.



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